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Not Just Me

by Julia Wilkins  

Not Just Me is a short film which speaks to the difficulty of creating connection through social media, and the relentless need to provide meaningful content in a virtual world. The unwitting egotism of the “Selfie” is explored through exposure of inner conflict.

Isaiah Parker...............Sound Design 

Yana Biryukova............Video Design 

Tatiana Stolpovskaya....Director Of Photography



I Digress: The Intimate Insights of a Childhood Weirdo

is a transmedia, performance memoir exploring the weight of inheritance and the recollection of memories and material things lost to time.


Written and Performed by Sauda Jackson

Directed by April Sweeney

Director of Photography Tatiana Stolpovskaya

Projection Design + Editing Yana Biryukova

Music Composer Mike Weiss

Original Songs Sauda Jackson and Mike Weiss

Animation Dominick Bedasse

Scenic Design Bill Burd

Technical Direction Andy Frank

Audio Recording + Mixing Nick Scoops Dardaris

Dramaturg Ashley M.Thomas

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Yiddish Mean Girls .jpg


Directed by - Dylan Seders Hoffman

Produced by - Dylan Seders Hoffman / Chava Productions

Cast - Maya Jacobson (Karen), Raquel Nobile (Regina), Dylan Seders Hoffman (Cady), and Lorin Zackular (Gretchen)

Yiddish Translation by - Sarah Biskowitz, Benna Kessler, and Dylan Seders Hoffman Yiddish Coaching by - Benna Kessler and Dylan Seders Hoffman

Director of Photography - Ethan Felizzari and Tatiana Stolpovskaya

Editing + Color - Yana Biryukova

Assistant Director + Production Manager - Hannah Nadine Cohen

Production Assistants - Banko, Don, and Ruby Lowenstein

Sound - Rosie Dean and Scoops Dadaris

Hair & Makeup - AJ Avivah

Art Direction Consultant - Miranda Cooper

Score by - Michael Winograd 

NYC 2022


The Revolution Of Plastic

Narrative short film

Mr Risso.....Jared Parke Barron

Writer, Director and editor: Marine G. Brun-Franzetti
Assistant Director: Cait Carvalho

Director Of Photography: Tatiana Stolpovskaya

Sound: Sergei Kriskov & Zoya Baker
Executive Producer: Clara Bonny-Limouse

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Permanent Residency With Conditions is a short Super8 mm experimental documentary exploring the interrogation like process which all applicants go through in order to prove their legibility to become a resident of the US.

Directed, Shot and Edited by Tatiana Stolpovskaya

NYC, 2019


Permanent Residency With Conditions

The Hopefuls is a futuristic mockumentary about the Youth that finds hope through House music.

Director: Marine G. Brun-Franzetti
Director Of Photography: Tatiana Stolpovskaya
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New York city’s Halloween parade makes way for Black Lives Matter protest.

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Experimental narrative short film 2019
Written & Directed by Mary Hanlon
Director of Photography Tatiana Stolpovskaya
Jazzy Schutt-VanMeveren
Anomie Williams


Prelude to Debussy 
A poetic journey into Claude Debussy's music.

Written & Directed By Ophra Yerushalmi


Simon Paulès



Alexandra Sabathé 

Simon Paulès

Tatiana Stolpovskaya


Baiacedez films production


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